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Post news RSS The Searing Mountain - Big updates with release of Version 0.8 (2021.07.01)

The new big update for The Searing Mountain that includes very important changes and added new features. The changes include better game mechanics, armor system, swimming, dragon controller and many fixes of bugs and mistakes that were reported by beta testers

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Welcome. After releasing minor updates recently, now the next big update for TSM is released. There are many changes in comparison to Version 0.7, including shields, swimming, climbing, better inventory and improved data structures of inventory items along with save and load data and many other features.

Quick reminder what is the game about:

The game is about a female character that rides the Dragon. She has to find important artifacts. Thanks to them she'll be able to defeat evil forces.

The game launcher you can find on The Searing Mountain IndieDB page, game launcher ensures that you'll have the most recent version of TSM.

The Searing Mountain - Game Launcher

Version 0.8(2021.07.01)

This version includes a big update that I've been working on recently. Overall most of the game features were added in previous versions systematically on a regular basis, this version includes more work on level designs, armor, shields and improving already existing features along with fixing bugs.

More specific information about changes during couple of months:

There were problems with data structure of Inventory item, it means there was false information about current amount of item, and new structure includes information of current update and even more, information about current upgrade and durability, unfortunately the information is only on data structure but equipment durability or upgrade is not added for new version of TSM.

Added Chain Mail and working armor system includes new logic for player stats where it simple changes current attack and armor value after equip and unequip.

Better controller of Dragon includes force refilling, audio sources for fireballs, prevention of walking on water as it detects it and improved explosions, there were problems with double instatianting of explosion that now are fixed.

More specific information about changes you can find on the TSM IndieDB forum on topic patchnotes:

The Searing Mountain - Patchnotes

Gameplay video:

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