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Post news RSS The plot thickens | Stone Age Warriors #2

The upcoming game "Stone Age Warriors" is a multiplayer fighting game that features a tournament in which tribe members compete to the death inside an arena to determine which tribe is the strongest. Today we bring you some environmental and weapon studies that we have been working on.

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Hi, IndieDB community we are RockSlide.

Welcome to our second article about Stone Age Warriors, our new game.

Today we're sharing some environmental studies that we've been working on.

arena sketch 1Image 1: Arena Concept 1

arena sketch 2Image 2: Arena Concept 2

arena color studies

Image 3: Arena Concept 3

In this stage of development, it's important for us to explore various options and iterate on different designs to ensure that we create an engaging and visually appealing arena that complements our game mechanics. Through experimenting with different shapes, colors, and textures, we aim to establish a distinct atmosphere and aesthetic for our game world that immerses players and enhances their overall gameplay experience. By fleshing out the arena, we can also better understand how it affects gameplay and whether certain design decisions need to be adjusted to better suit our game's goals.

Here are some early studies that have been working for our weapons.

weapons 1

Image 4: Weapons Studies - Spears

weapons 2

Image 5: Weapons Studies - Clubs and Swords

As part of our game development process, we have been putting in a significant effort to work on weapon studies, both melee and range. Our objective is to create a wide variety of weapons that can be found throughout the game arena, each with unique damage outputs, ranges, and functionalities. We believe that having an array of weapons will create an immersive and engaging gameplay experience where players can experiment and develop their strategies for combat. Additionally, we are considering incorporating weapon degradation with each hit the player lands on his opponent, this will force him to always seek out new weapons.

We have been working hard to ensure that our game is shaping up to meet our vision and the expectations of our players. We have been implementing new features and refining existing ones to create a fun and engaging gameplay experience. Our ultimate goal is to create a game that is not only enjoyable but also memorable and replayable, and we are confident that we are on the right track to achieving that.

Have a nice week!

RockSlide Studios

See you in the next post

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