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Hey future readers, we here at Mecrow studios hope that you're enjoying the content-filled page that marvels your eyes! (Even though it's hard to believe, the game's page was once barren and had only a short synopsis of the game's narrative.)

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Let's start with introductions first and foremost, shall we? My name is João Marques, and I am the game developer here at Mecrow, which means I will likely be the one who's ramblings you have to read for most of these posts. Sad, I know. Thankfully, hopefully this sweet art you see on our page made by our talented artist Simão Elias will be enough to compensate your eyeballs for their troubles. If that still isn't enough, the demos and previews of the game will be mostly made by our Game Skeleton Creator (or programmer as he likes being called) João Mendes. We're all currently stuck at home due to the crazy state of the world as of April 2020, so here's a sneak peek at where I'll be writing these from in the future.

Send help, I'm being held hostage at this desk by a funky looking virus.

In case you're foreign and the ão sound is super difficult to pronounce, we as a team have agreed that maybe, if you're nice about it, the honor of calling us by our last names has been bestowed upon you! And just in case you were wondering, this is the full image that's on my screen (and also on the preview for this post):

MeCrow v0.1

Cool huh? It's the logo study that our artist drew for our aspiring studio! I'll leave a little more of his work at the end just so you have an incentive to read on.

Now that we're all formally acquainted and therefore are practically best friends (I'm looking forward to that invite to your summer home for the holidays), let me tell you a little about this project. Gearpunkz is going to start as a school project for our Games and Multimedia course, which is from a school in Portugal called IPLeiria. It'll be 2D as the class dictates, and everything else is...well, original. We hope.

I'll be looking forward to interacting with you all throughout the development of our game! Make sure to check our Twitter and Instagram if you're interested in not only smaller game updates but also team related posts like the lunches we'd like to be able to afford.

As promised, here's the glowing golden chest at the end of your raid!

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