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We take a look at how the economy works in Godsworn. From basic resources and where to get them, to differences between the divines.

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Hey everyone, we're back in the new year! We started this year with a closed playtest that went really well! People racked up quite some hours in the short time the playtest was available. Some of the playtesters mentioned that they quite liked the economy because it was not micro intense. So today you too can have a look at how the economy works.


Let's start by breaking down the UI on the top right corner and what each symbol represents.


From left to right:

Worshippers: These are your workers.

Faith: Used for mythical units, god powers and upgrades.

Wealth: Used for strong human units and for upgrades.

Wood: Used for buildings and units.

Food: Used for units.

Housing: Increases pop cap, for both worshippers and military units.

So you might be wondering: how do I get all these resources? The resources are gathered by assigning worshippers to a building, for example a woodcutter or your divine shrine. These buildings can be built next to resource spots such as berries, ore or deer.


However, not all resource spots grant the same yield - berry gathering grants less food than hunting deer. This becomes important as worshippers are limited, therefore going for higher yielding spots might be the optimal strategy. However, these higher yielding spots are often in more contested and exposed areas of the map.

Here is an example of the base yield differences between copper, silver an gold ore veins.


For players that prefer to turtle, there are also sub-optimal ways to gather resources from the safety of your base. Not all heroes are able to do this equally, and not with all resources. So the divine hero choice has the potential to change the economic and even overall playstyle.


An example with the hero Saule - with her god powers, she can spawn golden apple trees that can be harvested for gold. Additionally, she can use the Serpent of the Hearth buff to add an additional "worker" to a gathering building. This refers to the ancient Baltic people being described as having grass snakes in their houses, to bless their hearths and bring luck to the family.


Meanwhile the hero Meness can choose a skill called Warrior Patron, which will grant him faith for every enemy unit killed by him or his army. This encourages an aggressive playstyle as a way to succeed economically.

If you would like to find out more and have a chance to join the next playtest, join our Discord: Discord.gg

And don't forget to wishlist Godsworn on Steam!

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