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Post news RSS The Broken Mace Devlog 2 : 0.1.2 version, trailer and let's play !

Hi everyone, We have just released a new version of our demo and we got our first let's play and a new trailer !

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First Let's Play !

One week ago, big surprise, we got our first let's play ! You can check it here, it was greatly done by Cryptic Hybrid.

First Trailer

We also released our first trailer, you can watch it watch it here.

New version !

We released a new version with a lot of fixes and small updates to make the less frustrating ! If you are expecting changes in gameplay mechanics, just wait for the next release ;)


0.1.2 version changelog

Fixed : No game over text “You need a weapon to kill enemies” when you had a weapon
Fixed : No jump when player is idle (talking to NPCs)
Fixed : Couple of English mistakes in dialogs
Fixed : Speaker box wasn’t hiding when player was going into caves
Fixed : Remove orange mushroom after trading with old man
Fixed : Old man disappeared on the 3rd Old man cave (it was an hard one to solve !)
Fixed : dialog box with no text after geting old book
Fixed : no save icon after first game (but was actually saving)
Fixed : camera was shaking after death during Brontornis fight
Fixed : Few chances to get the green door on restart
Fixed : At the end of Brontornis fight, sun was shaking
Updated : Less random when selecting levels (you are not going to wait forever for a specific door)
Updated : first dodo was removed to make the beginning less difficult
Updated : player can jump higher
Updated : Dialog Box text speed slower
Updated : Less mumbo jumbo dialogs
Updated : Dialog Box text speed slower
Updated : Less mumbo jumbo dialogs
Updated : Broken mace chest is closer during tutorial
Updated : Old Map path becomes easier on first "ramp"

And finally, thank you so much for your feedbacks, game is getting better thanks to you :)

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