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Post news RSS The birth of a new turret and the remodelling of an old one

This week we admittedly haven't done all that much, many issues came up with some of the planned features, but in the meantime have an early look at a new turret.

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So this week's been a bit of a mess, in terms of development. From some modelling roadblocks to god knows how many things breaking apart in programming as we tried to implement new systems and mechanics, we've had our hands full trying to sort everything out and, as a result, we fell a little behind of what was planned.

Nevertheless, we bring you a bit of a preview of the new turret we've been working on. The Wave Turret, as we call it right now, will be your source of aoe damage, hitting enemies in a line. Its supercharge will mark enemies for explosion, causing them to deal damage to every other enemy around them after a small delay. We figured players would need a way to deal with crowds after all. We're also in the works of giving other turrets more interesting supercharges, hence the issues.

As a final note, we'll leave you with a video of an early version of the Wave Turret, as well as the new model of our single fire Arrow Turret. As always, be sure to follow us on twitter to get our (mostly) weekly updates a bit earlier than here.

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