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It's been a while, but development of EPICA is again in full swing, as we roll-out the end-phase of adding critical game content. Today we published a new video, showcasing briefly the AI progress we made, and you can find a few sneak previews of the various game components we worked on during the past weeks.

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There are some new developments, LEGENDS of EPICA's combat system was recently updated. We added AI for mage, archer, and warrior classes, with different skills and settings.

There are also new 3D character designs, as we continue to add more content, while we shift the focus from adding fundamental game features, to design the game world.

There is now a quest, and a skill system, and all is dynamically stored, taken care of, once a player has created an account.

The plan is to further fine-tune the player combat in particular, together with setting up the different skills for the warrior, mage, and rogue class.

The first followers on our social media sites will be invited to the alpha testing phase, we hope will commence in early 2020.

The Quest System

Preview of the Skill & Crafting System

AI Mage & Archer Battle

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