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This week, the focus was on fixing bugs and implementing improvements. In this update, I want to point out the most important ones.

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Tales of Vastor - Progress #15

Tales of Vastor - Progress #15


  • What's done?
  • What's next?

What's done?


I spent almost the whole week to refactor the UI, as I recently realized, that the new version of the UI tool I am using supports 9patches. Therefore, I updated almost every UI element, such as buttons, labels, tables, etc.

The most important improvement, however, was the inventory. It was refactored completely.

progress 15 - inventory armours

progress 15 - inventory weapons

As you can see, the basic concept of having the character data on the left remained, as well as the tabs to identify the current type of shown items.

Contrary to the former implementation, a list of items is shown instead of a table. The list provides more information and a description of the item. Additionally, all items of the selected type are show - not only the items of the class.

Death handling

Until now, if you were defeated, you were given the option to reload a saved state or exit to the main menu. If you did not save your state previously, you would have ended up with lost time.

To avoid this issue later on, you will be transported to the last temple you visited after dying. Of course, there's a penalty as well. After dying, you'll loose half of your gold.

Here's a small video to show you how it currently looks like. (I had to remove a few frames in between in order to reduce the file size. Therefore, I am sorry for the quality)

progress 15 - death

Later on, a death screen should appear instead of the simple text.

Saving on the world map

One of the most desired improvements was the save system. Before the implementation of the improvement, you were only able to save at a temple. However, it was never mentioned during the playthrough, so you had to figure that out by yourself.

In order to be flexible regarding the saving, I added the option to the game menu as well.

progress 15 - save

Class preview in class selection

By progressing in the story, you'll need to select a class for the player and your companions. I provided a basic version of a class selection dialog to do so, featuring the display of the status values.

Some players, however, prefer design of the class over the actual status values. So I added a preview of the class to the dialog:

progress 15 - class selection

What's next?

You may have already guessed it. I'll focus on implementing the improvements and fixing bugs.

By the end of November, I'll send out a new version of the game, featuring the fixes and improvements. The game tester will then test the game and provide feedback again.

Having these test waves is a great way to deal with the problems and make the game even better.

Don't forget to follow me on Twitter to get more frequent updates.

Thank you!

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