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Subterraneus is a 2D Point and Click videogame. This article presents pre-story lore and a quick list of the mechanics and content included in Subterraneus.

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The pre-story:

The game takes place miles underground, in vast caves and narrow galleries inhabited by strange fluorescent crystals and cute luminescent mushrooms.

The authorities designed a perfect and inclusive garbage recycling system, allowing a limitless reuse of the resources. Recycling was never so easy! Citizens only need to throw their garbage into gigantic holes. Then, it is all automated, and no one ever heard of these garbage. Simple! Brilliant! Effective!

Clodomir, the hero, mysteriously fell into a collection hole while he was throwing his garbage at one of these recycling center. He will wake up on a mattress on top of a huge garbage pile in a rock cave.

The player must help him to go back to the surface! And maybe he will discover the truth that the government don’t want him to know!

Subterraneus screenshot : hill above the village

Gameplay & Mechanics:

It’s a 2D Point & Click, so the player mostly has to point things and click them. (But I’m pretty sure you were aware of that!)

A little more details:
- Automatic save system
- 500+ interactions point
- 12 NPC and a dialogue tree system
- 30.000+ words
- Dad jokes and lame puns
- Craft and Alchemy system
- 2 difficulty modes and several help system (some more subtle than others)
- 7 “great tasks” (Chapters? Not really, but that’s the idea!)
- Does not contain the meaning of life

The game was planned to take 4 to 5 hours to complete, and tests tend to validate these estimations.

Subterraneus screenshot: crafting system

Thank you for reading!

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or even download and try the demo :)

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