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How the story in our game Unbound will be revealed.

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I have been thinking a lot on the story for Unbound, almost 2 months. I was so obsessed with it, I could not even code during this time. I'm not going to reveal it, because it's that kind of story that will be interpreted in many many ways. So every player will have it's vision on the meaning of the game. I will say that the game will deliver a powerful message in my opinion.

For the moment, the game story will be revealed when you will touch some magic obelisks with the character. A cutscene is going to be display with some images that will build the whole story throughout the game. For the moment I can compare this to Braid and Heroes 3.

!Note that the art is just a placeholder for the moment, so please don't judge it :)

unbound obelisk

As soon as you "enter" the obelisk you will going to see something like this:

unbound cutscene

The art will change, maybe the way the story is going to be revealed. We will see :)

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