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Post news RSS Steam Release and version 1.2.3b for Project TERMINUS

News about Project TERMINUS VR! Release of the 1.2.3b on casual-vr.com, itch.io, sidequest, indieDB and Steam. Reviewing of all the new features and what's planned next.

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  • Steam and cross-platform release
  • Graphic enhancements
  • Sound Improvements
  • Assimilated enemy improvements
  • Interaction engine enhancements
  • New menus
  • Multiplayer Enhancements
  • Remapping Chapter 1 and 3
  • In the next updates

Steam and cross-platform release

Project TERMINUS finally arrives on Steam! We are very happy to propose our game on this iconic platform.

Our promise of a truly multi-platform game is still kept since any previous buyer of TERMINUS will have access to a Steam key upon request in the contact form on our website, and any future buyer of TERMINUS, whether on Steam or on our website, will have access to an Oculus Quest version in addition to its PC version.

The game is always playable across all platforms: a Quest player can play with DRM-free PC players and Steam PC players, and vice versa.

Steam page

PC Build of the update

Graphic improvements

  • HD Lightmaps
  • SSAO (PC version)
  • Revised textures
  • light effects on the assimilated

SSAO on a Colt 1911

Dynamic lighting

Sound Improvements

  • Sounds of the assimilated
  • Sounds of impact
  • Sounds of the player
    • bag
    • breathing
    • footsteps

Assimilated enemy improvements

  • all animations have been redone
  • Improved AI
  • They can shout to attract their fellow creatures.
  • Correction of various bugs
  • Spatialized blood projection
  • More aggressive

Interaction engine enhancements

  • All hand animations have been remade
  • improved hand poses on grabbed objects
  • many more takeable objects
  • dedicated animation for button pressure

Outline on selected objects

New menus

  • Main menu completely redesigned
  • Quick menu to exit a game

Multiplayer Enhancements

  • Start of the character customization system
  • revised pipelines, therefore much less lags
  • general reliability improvement

Remapping Chapter 1 and 3

  • Added lore and hidden elements in chapter 1
  • Added lore and hidden items in chapter 3, new way to finish the level and more items (to help the player)

In the next updates

  • Community VR map editor
  • Improved character customization system
  • Chapter 5
  • Chapter 6
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