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Project terminus is a survival FPS taking place in the Paris subway, taking inspiration from the Half-Life series. It is playable in VR and on desktop, like other traditionnal FPS.

Port de l'arsenal during the beginning of the attack


Paris, 2021. You are in the subway, commuting to your home. You watch the city from the window of the train, the weather is clear and you can see a beautiful sunset reflecting on the Seine.

The apparent calm hides a deadly threat. Soon your train suddenly stops, the power shuts down and the panic takes over the city. You receive a message from your scared little brother elsewhere in the city and the network dies too.

Trying to get out of the now dark and gloomy subway station of Bastille, you discover a creepy cloud floating in the corridors. It is composed of million of miscroscopical particles, moving in a swarm.

Nanite swarm floating in the subway station Bastille

You just met the deadly nanites. They are everywhere, the city is descending into chaos, the army is placing checkpoints, and destroys bridges to stop the attack. None of its action seems effective.

The day the nanites are dormant and use solar energy to get power. The night, people and animals are eaten alive by the swarm.

Will you survive ? Will you find your brother ? Will the humanity be able to overcome this threat ?


There are two ways to play this game : in VR 6dof, in VR 3dof, or on a regular monitor.

In VR 6dof you will be able to grab objects, open doors, hit enemies with your own hands and live the fall of Paris in the most immersive way. We take the most of the 6dof controllers given by the Oculus and Vive gear to make you live the game.

In VR 3dof you will play with regular controllers or keyboard but you'll have to ability to immerge your eyes into the game. We developped a stream technology to send the game content from your computer/console to a smartphone, or an Oculus GO. That way you can play VR with a weak computer and without the expensive gear.

Without any VR system the game is still fully playable, like any other FPS. You're not forced to play in a immersive way.

The game will have multiple type of gameplay sequences :

- Shooting sequences : people eaten by the swarm are aggressive as their nervous is the first target. They are little by little under control of the nanites before being fully consumed and abandonned partially decomposed.

- Timer sequences : when touched by an infected, you can be infected as well. You will then have to find a way to cure before being fully under control of the swarm. They are made out of metal, use this at your advantage.

- Puzzle sequences : in the collapsed subway you often will have to use in the best way possible every object you have at your disposal in order to go forward.

- Dicussion sequences : When meeting characters in the game you will have the ability to discuss with them. The discussions will have multiple choices and can end in several ways. Say the right words and the character will give you items or informations. Say the wrong words and anything can happen.


The game is aimed to be released in VR (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift / Rift S, Oculus Quest) and desktop.
You will be also able to stream the game on your smartphone in order to use it as a VR headset for your computer.

The Team

We are Jérôme, Michaël and Mehdi, three devs passionate about VR gaming and gaming technologies in general. We created our game studio in 2018 and been working as partner for several customers and companies making immersive learning and training.

Our experiences showcasing our VR streaming tech.

High-seas on Oculus Quest

After making some VR experiences and trying interesting way of interacting in VR, we decided to truly launch our main project.

Let's talk !

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We'll be glad to discuss about the game or anything else !

Our discord

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Hello folks :)

We're starting to implement VR interactions in the game ! Virtual hands are now showing up when playing with the Oculus Rift / Quest and soon with the Vive.

You can make poses with your hands depending on what button you're pressing (much like on the Oculus apps). This will allow you to interact with the environment in a more natural way.

Hand without pose Hand pointing Hand fist Hand thumb up

You can also grab objects with one or two hands. This will allow us to bring gameplay elements like weapon spread dynamics. When a player is holding a rifle with one hand it will be much less accurate than when he/she is holding it with two hands.

We also are working on "VR gestures" interactions that will allow to recreate QTE sequences (when you have to mash F to open that broken door) in VR. Climb a ledge or a fence, slam a door, etc.

This also allow us to use gestures to walk. As many of you already know, motion sickness in VR is a huge issue, especially when navigating on the map. We tried to make the player move when he moves his hands (exactly like when we normally walk). It still needs somme tweaks but the results are encouraging. Sceptic at first, I now enjoy moving that way in the map.

Obviously, we will still provide to the player the ability to move with more traditionnal inputs such as the analog sticks and teleporting.

the Hassle of Managing first Person Animations

the Hassle of Managing first Person Animations


While developing our VR FPS project, we came across a thorny problem: How to manage character animations in the first person?

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Dec 10 2019 by mehdi_akkari

BMF plays highseas ! #OculusQuest #sidequest #vrgaming

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Working on the backpack for the project TERMINUS :) To take it, you hit the grab button while having your hand ove… T.co

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When a youtuber makes a really funny video on your game, this is what I call happiness Youtu.beT.co

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HIGH SEAS on Oculus Quest is now available for free on SideQuest ! Xpan.cc #gamedev #indiedevT.co

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Turn your smartphone into a VR headset for your computer with our app ! You can find free VR experiences on our web… T.co

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