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Post news RSS Stay Alive: Apocalypse - 24.11.2016 Updates

The summary of the latest updates and additions to our game.

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- Sunflower seeds, spinach and beans added.

- Main Menu and Settings Menu translated into English.

- NPC treatment and NPC Zombifying added.

- Doctors has the ability to heal the NPC's without a problem.

- NPC ranged attacks added.

- NPC's can look for another weapon if they run out of ammo and they can gear up with the best around.

- In windy weathers zombie perception decreased 10 points, in rainy weather decreased 25 points, in snowy weather decreased 25 points.

- When you get damage, blood stains appear in the screen now. You can treat yourself to clean them from the screen or you can wipe them by using soap or cotton.

- You can create seeds from the fruits and vegetables in your inventory by right mouse click menu.

- Ghoul and Zombie Model 3 added.

- Random events added. (Unexpected things happen in an apocalypse)

- Crop System added with two performance settings: Stable and Performance Friendly

- All of the English translations completed except for the dialogues.

- All clothings now have armor points.

- A comparison screen appears when you hover your mouse to an armor or clothing in your inventory. Your gear and the one in your inventory is compared automatically.



- Getting tired while sleeping is fixed.

- Base creation and base deleting problems are fixed.

- Items spawning sideways on the beds are fixed.

- Problems about bleeding and illness indicators are fixed.

- The disappear of the money item while collecting more money is fixed.

- Point light problem is partially fixed. Two sided lighting added to lamps.

- Zombies were unable to see the NPC's sometimes. It is fixed now.

- Pharmacies with double doors are fixed.

- Machete and Sword empty infoboxes are fixed.

- Problems about filling water from the rain are fixed.

- Some bugs of pathfinder system is fixed.

- Some craft and build bugs are fixed.

- Some bugs about weapons (RPG, Bow and Crossbow) are fixed.



- Illness control system is more stable and performance friendly now.

- Pathfinder system now has seek&destroy feature.

- Carpenters updated with an ability to destroy everything.

- Repairman updated with an ability to repair everything.

- Sleep screen updated. Sleeping Pills and Sleep Away Pills can be used in sleep screen.

- "Stop collecting items" command changed into "Stop what you are doing".

- Recording durations for Suffering and Injury effects are now only 1 second.

- Plastics model changes.

- Some unnecessary buttons in inventory right mouse click menu are not shown now.

- Rain system has been updated.

- Turret shooting system has been updated.

- Crossbow shooting problems are solved.

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