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You thought the project was dead did't you? The Starchild project has returned!

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Good day my dear friends! This project has been gathering dust since 2016 due to a variety of factors, but now I can proceed the project with renewed strength and software! I was very immature before, but in 4 years I learned a lot.


The software I used for the game project, called "Blender Game Engine", stabbed me in the back by no longer being developed by the blender foundation. That was a HUGE setback for my project, as having the game engine embedded in the 3D software creation made a lot of things easier and coding it with python was quite easy.


Due to the above, I have now to transfer the game code to Panda3D (one of the previous game engines); it was used when the game was still called "Tales of Sun And Moon" and never had issues in many years due to being backed by an university. The good news is: I coded the game well in a way I will not have to rewrite 100% of the code, but I do will need to rewrite around 50% or less. The coding is more complex though, but as it is python I only need time to get used to it.


* Do not worry, this is an image from the old version from even before my indiedb arrival in 2012, I will now be able to do it better than it was at my last news article.

It will allow me to also produce easily executables of the game for you to test in windows, linux or mac; but it has no support for hand held devices as far as I know. I no longer will need to hack the game engine to have a customized executable neither use C++. By focusing only on python, I will become much better at it.

Having to export all my 3d content to panda3d instead of it being native will be balanced with the fact Panda3D is simply better; many times before the blender game engine end, I could feel how outdated it was.

I eventually created a new logo which now reflects myself better, as you will understand at the "Personal" part of this news article.


Funny thing is: The new logo is actually a logo I discarded back then.



I have completely upgraded my site, which now joins my game project and others services I offer in 3 different languages (japanese, english and portuguese from brazil); please feel free to check it out if you so desire. Even if one day I leave indiedb for example, the site will always be there.


Note: It currently works much better on hand held devices than on desktops or laptops, there is still much to be done at the site.




I thought my freelancer work would make it impossible for me to continue this project, but 4 years have showed me which work and the starchild project can coexist. The experience I gathered since then will greatly benefit the project Stachild development and promotion.


Last time I was using opensuse linux, but now I am using fedora linux; although I still highly recommend opensuse if you use linux and want a middle ground between professional features and more common user features.

The change caused no issues, as not only both are .rpm based distros; but linux is starting to try to make things more universal instead of having infinite ways of deploying a single app because of the countless linux distributions.



About social networks, since 2016 the google+ I said was not good became defunct, I no longer need youtube to store the project videos, linkedin soon became useless, I left deviantart as I predicted and may do so for behance; and also left facebook, twitter and instagram. As for steam, I will not worry with it for now.

Social networks were not profitable in social life neither professional; they sucked my time, and now that time is free to use at my game project and at anything I want.


I already liked to have a more personal relationship with the folks who like my art (game included), but now I am taking it to new heights. That cold, unpersonal way business treat their fans was not for me I thought in 2016, in 2020 that became a fact written in stone.

Thus, consider me a normal person you can chat with and receive sincere responses, be them good or bad; do not consider me as a serious business girl.


The main reason I paused the game development was: I went to hell and came back from 2016 to 2019 (almost killed myself once too). I discovered most of the suffering I went in my life was due to hating the gender of my biological body, while my mind seemed to be from a different gender. It is a known medical condition. After realizing that in 2014, I struggled with my family and the risk of being cast out of it and become a homeless vagrant; yet I managed to convince them in 2017 and also had moved to a city with a greater support for this condition.

In 2017 I started what was called hormonal therapy, and even without doing 3 of the in my case required expensive surgeries (gender reassignment, voice and nose), people I meet nowadays usually recognize me as a woman. It is false though to claim one day I will cease to be a man as my bone structure and some details will forever be male, I will forever be a transgender person; although my blood now is mainly female due to the hormone therapy.


I was also unable to resume development because I experienced a lot of side effects in mind and body before finding with my medic the right stuff to use, it was painful but worked out in 2019. I already changed all my documents then; Yuko ceased to be a pseudonym and became my real name.

In 2020 I achieved peace about my past as a bullying target and of having being rude to undeserving people due to all I lived; to some I even asked for forgiveness to clear my mind. The important thing was asking it, not if they accepted or not. I did not really lived my life before, I was like a living dead; better late than never I guess.

Without all the suffering, the Starchild project will progress more smoothly.



It was rare, but a few people in the past said only negative things about my game: How it was "hobbyst", had nothing interesting and would not succeed; no valuable criticism at all. Well, sorry do dissapoint them, but not only you who support this game and articles at the internet during those 5 years+ prove otherwise, I also said before:

"the project will live while I live"

My project soon became fueled in part by hatred, to prove these people wrong; but now it is moved only by the love I feel for it and those who liked it. I became immune to what people think or cease to think if this does not help my project or myself.

I am full of new ideas for my project which will be added to what was already decided, and I have now a better development software for it.

Thanks for your visit space adventurer! If you liked this project you can help make it happen by sharing this indiedb page or my site game page at your social networks or mouth to mouth promotion (pick your favourite). Also, constructive criticism is much welcome as always and you know it =)




I followed this project however many years ago because I thought you had an interesting art style and idea, and I'm still excited to see whatever you choose to make here. :)

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Yukoarts Author

You shall not be dissapointed. A project where someone is commited to life cannot fail.

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