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Post news RSS Star Blitz X Devlog #11: New Installed HUD, Controller Choice & Engaging Voice Announcer Dialogue

This successful week, we undoubtedly enhance the straightforward presentation for the primary menu and auto-fire by payoff inclusion of the audio file. Plus, we promptly ask the direct question, can the possible addition of the combo mechanics from the fighting game works for a first person shooting gallery? All this and more news worthy and continuous update from our devlog exclusive article.

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Welcome, to the continuous update devlog of Star Blitz X. Right now we will eagerly discuss how to instantly improve the playable demo's straightforward presentation by merely adding the audio file for the primary menu and auto-fire. Also follow up with of how to sufficiently develop a similar but unique combo mechanic from fighting games called The Streak Shot. It a HUD that prominently displays the engaging catchphrases along with the sufficient number of successful hits. After performing impressively a streak shot, the announcer yells out what type of precise shooting performance in 11 memorable catchphrases. This and more news worthy and continuous update from our devlog exclusive article.

Fix and Update

(Controls Menu)

keyboard control ver 4

  • The customary setup for the mouse controller is naturally serving as the direct control, and the space bar to the standard keyboard is properly used as the fire button.
  • Accurately controlling the playable demo with the keyboard arrows from the standard desktop and modern laptop become optionally whenever the mouse controller is unavailable.

(Pause Menu)

Paused Menu Display

  • Radically redesign the paused menu to undoubtedly appear more science fiction aesthetic, easy to properly read and carefully navigate.
  • Installed the flicker of the standard font within the paused menu for proper warning to the notable player when paused.

(Auto Fire Update)

  • Thoughtfully include a new game play audio notification for the active auto-fire. How it works when the player press and properly hold the fire-button as the audio announcer typically said auto-fire-on while continuous auto-fire at the same time. To cease instantly the voice announcer would assuredly say auto-fire-off in a dragging speech tone.

(Assets Update)

  • Thoughtfully included the key Vectoroc asset for level 12. The Vectoroc are properly representing as neon vector shape asteroid that are direct homage to the vector art that is used in early 1980s arcade games.
  • The Vectoroc would spawn about six times onscreen that fade-in for two seconds per Vectoroc in an unfamiliar area before moving forward towards the Earth. It would also reappear instantly for every 20 seconds in a numerous
  • Undoubtedly include a voice-over that promptly announces “Star Blitz X” whenever appearing precise or reappearing instantly on the primary menu.

(Streak Shot HUD)

  • Included the model similar to combo mechanics in fighting games called the streak shot.
  • It prominently displays the completed total of successful hits the player able to damage with 11 colorful catchphrases. Afterward, game announcer will call out to match catchphrases on the HUD based precisely on the effective shooting performance.

It's available for free download at Gamejolt.com until then, thank you for your support. We will test to feedback your game if you are willing to test for feedback our game.

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