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I am going to show you all, what is the "Split Soldiers" game and what are the main features that it holds.

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Split Soldiers is a game where you and up to 4 players playing as drone soldiers fight each other in a deathmatch game with only but your duel guns attached to your sides and that can fire either just regular bullets or double grenade. The main way to win is to be as fast as possible while shooting your enemies. The player with the highest score wins. There are Power-ups in each match that will temporarily enhance your abilities for a short period of time. Each match is customizable, you can choose which Power-up to not appear in-game and if you want players to have random glowing colors or not and how long the match should be. (minimum match length is 1 minute, maximum at 59:59)


Power-ups include:

1. Fast Fire (shoot regular bullets very fast)

2. Aimbot (Allows you to aim at enemies almost perfectly for few seconds)

3. Health (Just heals you)

4. Ultra Speed (Makes you really fast)

More will be added.


This is the image of the power-ups^

You can download the game on itch.io, I would most likely not put the game here since it would take a long time. But I would still update you guys about any news about the game here.

Download here: Ali107.itch.io

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