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Post news RSS Space Grunts 2 update v0.7.0: We got Leaderboards!

This weeks update contains a lot of polish ! Polish in the way of statistics, leaderboards, better menus, improved characters, better balancing of fights, and for the full list, read the rest!

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Captain, go check out v0.7.0 right now! - Space Grunts 2 - Early Access on Steam

Polish till it shines! This week’s update comes with a lot of polish, from simple things like centering text on the screen, to complete new screens like the “Continue game” screen or the Statistics screen.

I’ve also started on some big re-balancing sessions, as I’m pretty sure the game is TOO challenging at this point, so you’ll find that with this update the game has gotten slightly easier and you should be able to get deeper into the space base.

Finally a big feature this week are the Leaderboards! It will now track your best time/level combo and place you in the various boards based on your Character and in the Overall boards. You’ll also notice there is a 4th character leaderboard, and I will write up a newsletter soon with the information on unlocking that character, so sign-up if you want it!

In this weeks vlog I talked a little bit about the code that goes into making the aliens move and run around the levels, so if you’re interested in that, check out the video:

Full changes list:

  • added: Bonus character (subscribe to Newsletter for info coming in next mail!)
  • added: Statistics screen
  • added: Leaderboards
  • added: entity codex
  • added: Credits screen
  • added: improved interface and restructured menu systems
  • added: improved UI
  • added: continue game has proper own screen with info on the game
  • added: new card Knife
  • added: new card Vial

Fixes and tweaks:

  • fixed: skill-icons flashing rendering bugs
  • fixed: text-wrap bug in speech (hud)
  • fixed: limit/slow-down messages shown in HUD
  • fixed: using mouse/touch in card-codex caused crash (at last card)
  • fixed: leaderboard bibot shows scores of class Grimm
  • fixed: most stars in backdrop starfield stood still
  • fixed: pause menu opens codex instead of options
  • fixed: Dialogs are tapped too quickly and disappear directly. Same with game over screen
  • fixed: wall-mounted rockets should show “range” on the floor (like flamers)
  • tweak: various card drop-rates and usage stats
  • tweak: made avatars more colorful / stand out
  • tweak: Gadget can now level-up slightly faster
  • tweak: made less tutorials pop-up in a new game session by delaying events/situations
  • tweak: made important card info more clear with highlighting
  • tweak: few improved sound effects
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