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Post news RSS Space Grunts 2 update v0.4.0: Captain, we encounter a big boss!

Captain, this week we introduce the big bad boss into space, see if you can confront him and take him down. We also have a new arsenal of cards and a host of fixes and tweaks ready for you to encounter!

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go check out v0.4.0 captains! - Space Grunts 2 - Early Access on Steam
(info: next week with v0.5.0 the price of the Early Access will increase!)

Not a very big list of new stuff this week, but there is one HUGE addition to the game and that's an end-boss! Defeating the boss doesn't really do anything yet, so that's something I'll be working on for next update ( an actual ending ) and I'll also start working on more alien-specific cards, especially for the boss battle.

Besides adding a boss to the game, there's also a collection of new cards and effects and a few big changes in balancing the whole game, I've personally been enjoying this version more than the previous ones due to the balancing in card-drops and alien encounters.. so let me know what you think!

There are now just a few big things left on my to-do list, first one is making an actual ending to the boss-battle , second is adding more cards but also alien-specific cards. Still a few events I want to add, and a couple of hidden/alternate area's for players to encounter and venture into. And finally get some daily-challenges up and running.

Of course I'll also keep balancing and tweaking all the other stuff based on feedback and my own play-throughs!

Check out more info on the game: Orangepixel.net
Or come talk about the game over at the Orangepixel Discord

Coming thursday's dev-vlog will show you the making of the boss, so make sure to tune into Youtube.com/orangepixelmobile and check the latest dev-vlog with the creation of new events and making it all run on mobile right here:

Full changes list:

  • added: new card - Scope
  • added: new card - Infection
  • added: new card - Berserker
  • added: new card - Freezeray
  • add: new card: Invisibility
  • added: new passive card - Fighter
  • added: light to flames and burners (especially in dark-zone)
  • added: little jingle when finding a secret area
  • added: small plants now leave just a small spore area
  • added: End-boss: The Blob

Fixes and tweaks:

  • fixed: explosion sound triggered too often on cards that didn't need it
  • fixed: invisible aliens still show the "anger/sick/confused" twirls
  • fixed: babygon now also shuts-down when near EMP
  • fixed: if killed at idle entity, cards stay in view
  • fixed: invisible blockades popping up after fire or explosions
  • tweak: small improved mouse controls
  • tweak: soften/smoother lights
  • tweak: slight increase in harder opponent spawning earlier in the game
  • tweak: slight increase in higher-skilled weapons dropping earlier
  • tweak: balancing on drop-rates for all items
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