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Campaign mode design decisions and overall progress

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It has been close to 6 months since I started working on Hawks. Throughout its various iterations, one thing that remained steady was the initial decision of making a game totally focused on action and nothing but the action.
This approach did have its drawbacks as I refrained from introducing any kind of level-up mechanism in the game. If you are a Hawk, you are already an ace pilot and need no leveling up.
To spice things up a bit & not to mention, give the player an upper hand, the player pilots around in an experimental assault aircraft, the Mark II (name inspiration: IronMan) after finishing off the first Boss at the end of Mission 5. The Mark II aircraft features 4 Cannons & is much more agile than the stock aircraft that the other Hawks use.

A gif illustrating a Bullet Whip with the Mark II.
A crazy bullet whip with the Mark II fighter (gif)

There will be 10 missions in the Campaign mode with a boss fight at Mission 5 & 10. I hope everybody enjoys playing Hawks as much as I am enjoying making it.


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