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Added new stock art for the forest in Soul Saga and added a lot more particles to skills.

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Soul Saga Stock Art Forest 1


Today I mostly spent time on polishing up some particles and adding in new stock art for the forest scene. One of the biggest complaints I was getting was that the art assets I was using for the forest were not very appealing. The new assets should fix that, but I had to contact the artist regarding them because of a lot of issues with lighting. Oh ya, I also added in better lighting and turned on the shadows. =)

Tomorrow I'll work on implementing the test town.

Day 54
( 2013/03/23 Sa )
6 hrs. Today( 522 Total)

  • Backend

    • Migrated more code away from PoolManager and into separate classes.

    • Fixed a bug that was causing the game to crash on exit.

    • Lots of code cleanup in various places.

    • Restructured the way some special effects are dealt with.

  • Level Design

    • Imported a premade forest scene for testing.

    • Changed lighting to allow for shadows.

    • Changed lighting to allow for characters and environment to have different lighting values. This is because characters required more lighting than environment.

    • Fixed an issue with the camera following too far behind the player.

  • Project Management

    • Continued to work on the Kickstarter draft.

    • Exchanged several emails with composer about the Soul Saga theme song.

    • Communicated with potential animators.

    • Invested in a forest themed stock art pack.

  • Special Effects

    • The shield now shows a special effect when activated.

    • Changed the special effect for using health orbs to a green spiral (was pink hearts).

    • The level up special effect now shows a bright yellow light engulfing the actor (previously was a cartoon star).

:( Hope things work out with the theme song.

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Disastercake Author

Thanks A-Frisque. It's a pretty silly situation, so I honestly am very surprised it's even become a problem. I was in love with what I heard so I really hope I can share that same song with you.

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I guess it's to keep pushing. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. Wouldn't want you to fall off the good pace you've set for yourself cos you're depressed.It's still some good work done looking at the list of things accomplished. :)

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Hi again, Disastercake
Looking pretty good, as always. Good luck with the theme song!
But, hey; Don't you think you're pushing yourself too far?
12 hours working on the game sounds a bit too harsh.
Regardless of how much you want the game done, don't over exhaust yourself!

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Disastercake Author

Thanks BadXFox! I will try to be careful. I may be taking a little extra time off the next few days. But, every time I say that I usually only end up taking like 2 hours off. =P

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