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We give you a sneak peek at our own cutscene editor. And its bugs :)

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We give you a sneak peek at our own cutscene editor. And its bugs.

  • This week: We were at Subotron in Vienna, Austria, talking about our Kickstarter campaign. Then: dialogs, cutscenes, funny bugs in our NPCs and cutscene editor, many new sounds in the Wind Temple, crosshair adjustment and doing a fire burst with a wind push (both based on forum and tester feedback).
  • We're especially interested in what you think of the crosshair and the fire burst idea.
  • Get into the discussion and leave your comments here, on YouTube, or join our forum at forum.sonofnor.com so we can discuss your opinion in our daily team meetings!

SinKing - - 3,119 comments

Coming together really nicely. I think enemies attacking during cutscenes happened in quite a few games I played, and I usually found it funny.

The language looks like it is mirrored and hadn written poetry ^^

Strange that the normal maps for the "housecubes" look so badly. The cylinder doors/windows have enough resolution, but the shadows are in the wrong place. It could be done very fast by adjusting the vertex normals/smoothing before baking a normal map.

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ChrisPolus Author
ChrisPolus - - 88 comments

This scene is still pretty early in dev, I think a lot of stuff is still off, but I'll forward your comment to the team Monday. Just to be on the safe side, thanks!

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ChrisPolus Author
ChrisPolus - - 88 comments

Yep, confirmed in today's meeting. These house boxes are just placeholders for now. Expect something better looking :)

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Sph!nx - - 722 comments

Nice work guys. Love the sounds in the temple. Adding sound is like adding life to the world.

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