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We greatly progressed with our fire temple map, take a look at it in this week's video update! It feels more and more alive. And thanks to a funny animation error Sarahul creatures hobble.

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Ouch, that must hurt...

  • I try to welcome everybody in Portuguese.
  • We came a long way with our fire temple map. The lighting was adjusted, fire places were placed.
  • Sarahul now can follow waypoints and patrol an area.
  • We implemented a new environmental obstacle: the sand curtain.
  • Another obstacle, a wooden barrier that can be destroyed with only some of the player's powers.
  • Distract Sarahul with a fire enhanced rock.
  • We fixed a bug where Sarahul would accidentally shoot each other ;)
  • See masses of Sarahul storming towards you. Oh oh...
  • We have an animation error that makes Sarahul hobble.
  • Get into the discussion and join our forum: Forum.sonofnor.com
  • And please vote for us on Steam Greenlight! It's very important to us!

Vote for us on Steam Greenlight! It's very important to us! Thanks!

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