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Hi everybody! as you can see i made some changes to my game in order to improve the game experience.I've received some feedbacks for players and they told me about some struggles in the gameplay. I'm completely new in the game's development and this was going to happen sooner or later so i understand their opinionsThat's why i decided to make a few changes to offer a better product:

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. Some ghozt's spots were removed

. The invisible blocks from level 5 were replaced for statics blocks

. Some minus (the square enemy) were removed


. The block with spikes from level 6 (the one which was at the end of the level) and 8 (the one with the at the right side) were removed

. The krow's speed and zul's speed(the red ghost) were decreased for 8%

. The platforms' fall speed from level 11 were decreased around 36%

. Some inverted platforms near of the end of the level 7 became statics

. The small green platforms from level 8 were replaced for a large block


. Some exhaust fans were removed in the penultimate level

I apreciate yours feedbacks and if there is another problem, please let me know!




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