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Reach to the top of the tower to get a strange golden artifact. But be careful, because the tower is filled with a lot of enemies and diferrents traps. There are 16 levels in total (which 2 of them are nothing but lives): Nü = 6 lvls (the sixth one gives you 3 lives) Lambda = 7 lvls (the seventh gives you 3 lives) Delta = 3 lvls (the last one is the final boss)

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Some changes for RUCK



. Some ghozt's spots were removed

. The invisible blocks from level 5 were replaced for statics blocks

. Some minus (the square enemy) were removed


. The block with spikes from level 6 (the one which was at the end of the level) and 8 (the one with the at the right side) were removed

. The krow's speed and zul's speed(the red ghost) were decreased for 8%

. The platforms' fall speed from level 11 were decreased around 36%

. Some inverted platforms near of the end of the level 7 became statics

. The small green platforms from level 8 were replaced for a large block


. Some exhaust fans were removed in the penultimate level

I apreciate yours feedbacks and if there is another problem, please let me know!




My game

My game


I leave the link of my game if you want to check it. Also if you click my itch.io's profile, you can access to my website!

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