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Sif and the Labyrinth is a pixel adventure game set in Norse mythology. Play as Sif, who embarks on a journey to uncover the reasons of disappearance of her husband Thor. Unleash Chakra Techniques and slash your way through the deserts and mountains where the darkest of entities exist.

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Lo-Fi Atmospherics

Enjoy vibrant relaxing environments in tandem with Lo-Fi Pixel music.

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Chakra Techniques

Execute button combinations to perform various Chakra Techniques.
Learn different techniques which enhance your combat and recovery abilities.

Character Advancement and Inventory

Combat creatures of Norse Mythology to grow your character stronger.
Purchase and gather various items and weapons to aid in survival.

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The Labyrinth

Explore a dark maze full of challenging enemies and bosses.
Unlock the secrets which reveal the path to uncover the happenings of your husband Thor.

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Arena Mode

Test your skills against an onslaught of enemies.

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Local 2-Player Co-op

Play with a friend!.

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