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We're running an online battle test TONIGHT for EU and tomorrow for North America. Come and join us!

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We have been working on Robocraft 2 for a little while now and are getting to the stage where we are looking at introducing more players in playtesting. If you’d like to join us for some online tests, please download Robocraft2 for free from our website at Robocraft2.com<

The test will take place at 16:00 GMT tonight for EU and last for two hoursAnd 01:00AM on Sunday for North America and last for two hours

Please consider joining our discord to help communicate with us during the online test: discord.gg/7352EBj2vk

This new test will feature a new map called Iana Chaos, set on the surface of Mars.

The landscape of Iana Chaos

Your objective is to destroy the enemy towers whilst defending your own. Once enough damage has been dealt to the towers, a powerful robot will spawn so that the team can counterattack… Say hello to the Subordinator!

This is a machine which can be piloted by a single player, but it will see increased performance on the battlefield when a second player joins in. The first player will be able to pilot the Subordinator and use the front-mounted lasers. But the second player can use 8 powerful plasma cannons.

This can be very powerful against a team who do not coordinate their attack!

Here’s some online multiplayer footage from our internal tests on the Iana Chaos map.

Robcraft 2 is still heavily in development so there will likely be a few bugs as well as missing features which will come at a later date.

We hope to see some of you on the battlefield tonight!

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