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Indiependent Game Studio presents you Shallow Wish, an upcoming action adventure game set in the vast lands of Athrelos, a place torn from a fairy tale.

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Shallow Wish

Shallow Wish Cover

Shallow Wish Cover 1080p

Shallow Wish is an indie game in continuous development since 2019, with a captivating story that depicts the forgotten land of Athrelos. The land is old, built by the Ancient Masters of the elements, but still swarming with magic.

Official Trailer #1

Teaser Trailer

First Gameplay Trailer

Early Gameplay Leak


The game introduces the player in the world of Athrelos and delights his eyes with breathtaking views and mesmerizing realms:

In-Game Footage


The game turns the player into an adventurous boy who's wandering through unknown realms with a single purpose: to find his lost brother. Along the way he encounters many challenges, hostile creatures, and threats that go beyond a boy's imagination.

In-Game Footage


However, you are not alone. Even if the land seems inhospitable, the forge and the inn are not. Friends like Eldgrath or Brookie are ready to lend a helping hand by improving your gear or selling your items.

In-Game Footage

ScreenShot0005012 ScreenShot0005000


Fight, loot, upgrade, level up, trade, search and explore but don't forget to rest. Visit the inn, mine the falling crystals, play a game of cards, swim in the warm waters of the Floating Lands. Meet the inhabitants of Athrelos and listen to what they have to say. Oh, and also don't forget to show your gratitude on your path, it's the little things that count...

In-Game Footage

ScreenShot00050 23 ScreenShot0005024 ScreenShot0005020 ScreenShot0005029 ScreenShot0005016 ScreenShot0005032

Master the elements, one by one, prove that you are worthy enough and become the most powerful warrior in the land of Athrelos. Be warned! Don't let your power blind you and do not stray from your path, time is running out.

In-Game Footage

ScreenShot0005019 ScreenShot0005035 ScreenShot0005036 ScreenShot0005037

Play with different characters, and listen to their story accompanied by an amazing original soundtrack, epic storytelling and movielike cutscenes.

In-Game Footage

ScreenShot0005002 ScreenShot0005006

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PayPal Link: paypal.me/roscanteodor
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Game: Shallow Wish Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4 Release Date: TBD

kapaonly1 - - 1 comments

Hey, I really like the game! I can't understand who is who and what is the game story. Dalion is a new King, as I understand, but old King's name Dalion too? Whose brother those man is? And who is the boy we gonna play as? Appreciate if you can get it clearly for me. Thank you!
By the way, when you gonna release it?

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Indiependent_Studio Author
Indiependent_Studio - - 2 comments

I will post the same answer here for visitors to read.

The story might seem a bit hard to digest at first but trust me, everything becomes clear as you progress though the game. Regarding Dalion, he is the prince of Athrelos, son of former king Dalion and brother to the misterios character that crowns him. This is just the prologue of the game, something that happened long before the main story line in the game. However, the main character of the game is the boy, another figure shrouded in misery, as his name remains unknown at first.

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