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The new weapon system is now available with the November update! We'll briefly describe what is it and how to enjoy it.

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Sentimental K Devlog #8 - Weapon System

Hello folks!
We are team "ForDays" in the development of a Rogue-like Action game "Sentimental K".

The new weapon system is now available with the November update!
We'll briefly describe what is it and how to enjoy it.

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Exciting gameplay from making choices

The key elements of the roguelike game are Randomness and Permanent Death.
And the fun part of gameplay comes from these two key elements.

The game ends permanently when the player dies, and that's why players must think twice to make the best choice.
This particular tension and careful choices maximize immersive gameplay as well as fun.

But not all choices are always fun.
To design the exciting choice system, we considered the following statements:

  1. Players must be able to make different choices depending on the situation.
  2. Each choice will result in discrete outcomes.
  3. To avoid the paradox of choices, the number of choices should be limited to some extent.
  4. No choices can be deferred to the next choice.
  5. To limit making a choice, priorities to be considered should be created.

<So then what skill is the best choice?>

Weapon system

When making each choice during Sentimental K gameplay, it will be even more fun if the priorities to consider are clear.

We always wanted which weapon the player has to be the topmost consideration when making these choices.

To achieve this, the weapon must be the largest element that grows, and each weapon must have its own rare abilities that cannot be obtained anywhere else otherwise.

<Rare options in weapons>

This is why we implemented various rare options for each weapon.

Let's look into what this means by an example:

Before this newly added feature, it was very difficult to hit the target using dual pistols unless the player is highly skilled.
But now with Guided Bullets and Megasize Bullets rare options, the player can hit the target much more easily.
With these rare options, it is much easier to use Dual pistols spells as well!

<You no longer have to get angry while playing Dual pistols!>

Weapon grade

Similar to the skill system, the weapon is now divided into five distinct grades.
Higher the grade means better weapon stats and more rare weapon options.
Seek for your taste of high-grade weapons that can make synergies with equipped skills and artifacts.
The ultimate combination will lead you to victory.

<Legendary weapon>

Enjoy more than 35 distinct weapon options that can be earned during the gameplay!
We will continue to think about the game design in order to give more fun of making a choice during the gameplay.
Now we'll wrap up our 8th devlog with the short clip of the battle scene using 'Guided Bullets' Dual pistols.

<Sentimental K – 40s Battle with Guided Bullets>

Contact: Lee Dongmin fordays2020@gmail.com

Copyright 2020. Fordays Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

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