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In this devlog, we'd like to talk about artifacts.

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Sentimental K Devlog #5 - Artifacts

Hello folks!
We are team "ForDays" in the development of a Rogue-like Action game "Sentimental K".

In the last devlog, we introduced about monsters and stages. This time, we'd like to talk about artifacts.

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In the previous devlog, we demonstrated about weapons and skills and we defined the core fun as 'Synergy' coming from combining various weapons with skills.
Similarly, we have designed artifacts to give players great satisfaction when acquired artifacts are linked with each other.
On top of combining weapons and skills, acquiring artifacts can create even more diverse synergies overall.

<Artifacts with a specific effect on hit>

Players can obtain artifacts from enemy encounters, artifact treasure rooms, stores, or battles against elite and boss monsters.
Depending on how many artifacts you obtain, the difficulty of battles may change dramatically.

<Purchasing artifacts at the store>

In general, the more artifacts you acquire means the better.
However, you should carefully judge whether the artifacts are good or bad.
For some artifacts, players get specific passive effects and may receive a very harsh penalty in return.

<Flame orb:

Every 15 seconds, creates a flame land, dealing damage around. This damage is also dealt with the player.

Ouch, I got burned!>

We plan to show 120 different types of artifacts in the early access launch.
It would be fun to consider which artifacts to get after the early access release.

<Having this much of artifacts, monsters can be easily slain>

Utilization of various artifacts

If a certain condition has been met, players would gain a great benefit.
Or it would be much fun experience if the play/action style completely changes based on artifacts.
The more artifacts you acquire, the more things to contemplate.
But you will get more beneficial effects in the end.

<The acquired artifacts are doing their jobs as extra/support dealers!>

We believe that continuously adding new artifacts is very significant to give players new experiences of enjoying the game.
We will work hard on developing the game for the remaining time!
Do you have an idea of a new artifact that you would think of 'If this artifact exists, the game would be more fun'?
Please leave your precious comment!
We will actively review each one of your comments for development.

Contact: Lee Dongmin fordays2020@gmail.com

Copyright 2020. Fordays Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

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