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In the last Devlog, we introduced the basic system of weapons and the characteristics of each weapon. This time, we'd like to talk about monsters and stages.

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Sentimental K Devlog #4 - Monsters

Hello folks!
We are team "ForDays" in the development of a Rogue-like Action game "Sentimental K".

In the last Devlog, we introduced the basic system of weapons and the characteristics of each weapon. This time, we'd like to talk about monsters and stages.

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The main concept of Sentimental K's narrative is 'The main character confronts various emotions'.
As so, in-game monsters are consisted of 'emotions of human beings'.
You will be able to see how the atmosphere changes by reflecting the main emotion of each Act.

<The concept art and in-game design of Act 1's boss monster created based on 'Justice'>

The role of monsters

The fun part of Sentimental K's stylish action is how players carefully consider each choice to overcome enemies.
Before giving life to each monster, we believed that the monster should satisfy players with the fun part mentioned above.
The game should be fun even when the kinds of monsters are single, but the game should be more intriguing when several types of monsters are mixed.
To help you understand the concept, let's take a look at two different kinds of monsters.

<Monsters' patterns - (Left) Regret monsters, (Right) Jealousy monsters>

The "Regret monster" is a melee class monster that charges toward players based on their adamant durability.
In contrast, the "Jealousy monster" is a ranged class monster that shoots a beam of the laser from a distance.
It will be up to players to choose whether to slay melee enemies that continuously following players first or ranged enemies shooting a laser beam from a distance first.
However, it is sure that the gameplay will be fun if players could slay enemies as expected to get meaningful results.

<There is no right answer which type of monsters should be slain first>

The role of stages

Even though the same type of monsters is spawned, players will have to make a different choice each time depending on the terrain features and the arrangement of monsters.
Sometimes, monsters are spawned widely spread out. Or players may confront dark areas where you can barely see where enemies are.
Players should be prepared with new plans depending on each situation to defeat enemies on your way.

<You shall not pass>

The "Regret monster" described earlier is quite strong, but players can lead the battle advantageously by blocking the narrow path.

<Meet other types of monsters on various stages!>

Today, we briefly overviewed a few monsters in 'Sentimental K'
We will wrap up our 5th devlog by introducing the battle scene in the peculiar stage, the Cube room.

<Sentimental K - 60s battle, in cube room>

Among the four cubes, only one of them allows you to travel to the next stage!
The rest of the cubes will spawn a bunch of monsters. So be careful about opening each cube!

Contact: Lee Dongmin fordays2020@gmail.com

Copyright 2020. Fordays Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.


looks awesome! kinda feels a bit slower than what usually expected from such a game

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This looking absolutely fenomenal. Keep up the great work!

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