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In today's dev-log of "Sentimental K", we will describe how weapons, skills, and artifacts work individually and their relationship between them.

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Sentimental K Devlog #1 - Synergy

Hello folks!
We are team "ForDays" in the development of a Rogue-like Action game "Sentimental K".

In today's log, we will describe how weapons, skills, and artifacts work individually and their relationship between them.

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Weapons and Skills

Before the overall description, we've decided the most fun part of Sentimental K to be "synergy".
Based on our experiences at Action games, we believed that making players carefully consider which weapons, skills, or artifacts to obtain or apply could bring a lot of fun during gameplay.

The player's weapons are immediately switched and can be used with any skills, but synergies happen only when using the same skills as the weapon type.
Each weapons' special attacks will work to support the skills of the same weapon type.

Let's take a look at an example.
Using special attacks with dual pistols grants a penetrating effect on the "Bullet".
Dual pistol skill called "Gatling" has a stunning effect on the enemy by hitting all six shots.
The special attack of dual pistols imposes penetrating effect to the pistol shot by going through a straight line and stuns all enemies hit by the shot.

<An example of using dual pistols skill, "Gatling">

Skills and Skills

Despite weapons players use, the synergy between skills and skills can also occur.
Let's take a look at the new effect.

The "Root" effect prevents the enemy's movement.
As shown in the image on the right, using certain skills on rooted enemies may reduce the cooldown of the skill or let the skill to be re-cast once more consecutively.

<Combo skills example using "Counter Attack" - "Lasso Pull">

Skills and Artifacts

Artifacts allow players' process of finding "the best synergy" more variety and fun.

As an example, an artifact called "Rays of White Light" which instantly removes the disables effect goes very well with a skilled called "Hyper Beam".

<(Left) - "Rays of White Light" not applied / (Right) - "Rays of White Light" applied>

As described above, a skill called "Hyper Beam". eliminates dangerous situation and increase its utilization
We hope it will be a lot of fun experience to consider how you can defeat your enemies most efficiently!

As of Early Access, 5 weapons, 80+ skills, and 100+ artifacts will randomly show up during the game.
Finally, let's watch the gameplay video that will show how you can play with synergy mentioned as an example above.

Contact: Lee Dongmin fordays2020@gmail.com

Copyright 2020. Fordays Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

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