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Showing the basics of sector map, video with commentary.

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hi all,

last week we worked hard to finish our sector map system, not that polished yet but very close now, so wanted to discuss about what a sector contains. watch the video below to see it, has commentary.

if you want to read it here is the commentary:

wanted to talk about map system we are working on for the game. game universe is a common persistent shared universe for all the players, playing either in sandbox mode or multiplayer.
each player actions effect the universe for everyone else so no one is playing alone, even in the sandbox mode.

lets open the map.
each sector can have one or more stars. type of star decides what type of resources the sector has.
clicking on a marker takes us close to the planet and right clicking the marker opens the information about it.
most of the planets will be uncharted from the start, players can visit the planet, extract resources, wander around and gather information like what type of planet it is, what is temperature, how hard or easy it is to survive there, what type of animals are there if any and what type of plants it has.
player can post this information for the planet using his PDA and if accepted by JEAS, player get reward and a badge for discovery and that information is thenattached to this planet and player name is associated with it.
other than planets or moons, sector can have debris fields, asteroid fields and man made structures.
such as the spacestation as shown here, this is where player starts each time they login, most of the services are also found on spacestation like marketplace, spaceship fitting and missions.
other structures are police stations like this, this is from where police is dispatched for the distress call it receives from either player or merchant ships.
merchant markets where merchant ships are coming and going and selling buying resources.
much more structures are yet to come, and later player made custom structures will be added to the sectors.

post your questions and feedback into comments.

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