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Ohayo gozaimasu! Here's an overview of the ronin class's basic, defensive and ultimate abilities. Let me know what you think!

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Ronin Class Spotlight

Hey everyone!
Today I’m gonna be highlighting abilities for the Ronin class.

Quick update

First a quick update on the current build. It’s as good as done. I have been working mainly on optimization, improving performance and analytics the past few weeks together with fixing bugs and improving the UI etc. (Also procrastination :S )

I gave the pause window a big overhaul, moving some interface features, like the map and the controller menu, away from the controller buttons so we have some extra buttons freed up for other game mechanics.

Aside from that I also worked on a new NPC to replace the placeholder model for the Dojo.
Sensei Lao'rens will now be teaching you new talents to use when exploring the dungeon.

Right now I need to playtest the current build in house and if I think it’s ok I’ll be sending the build to some friends for testing. This way I can see if there’s any problems on other PC’s or if they find any issues I didn't see.

After that I will finally post a build for everyone to try online!

Now on to the news.

Ronin Overview

The ronin class has 3 offensive abilities, 2 defensive abilities and an option from 2 ultimate abilities when Dojo rank 5 is unlocked.

The ronin’s current resource is stamina which is used by the defensive abilities and slowly regenerates over time.

Basic abilities

The first basic ability is a 3-part combo attack called Tate-Ryu or vertical sword style.
This is a sword style specialized for single enemies. It does more damage then Yoko-Ryu, but it will be harder to hit multiple enemies with it.

The second basic ability is also a 3-part combo attack called Yoko-Ryu or horizontal sword style.
The direct counterpart of Tate-Ryu. This sword style specializes in hitting multiple enemies, but does less damage then Tate-Ryu.

The third basic ability is Dashing Strike.
This is a charge up ability that, when fully charged, dashes you forward hitting all enemies in your path.
It does a lot of damage but can be hard to fully charge without enemies hitting you first.

Defensive abilities

The ronin’s first defensive ability is a parry stance which parries all abilities from the front.
Each successive parry drains your stamina, so you can’t stay in parry stance forever or you will get hit.

The second defensive ability is a dodge/sprint.
Dodging requires you to be locked on a target with the focus button.
When you’re locked on you can dodge in 4 directions depending on the position of your target.
Each dodge also drains your stamina until you can dodge no more.

Aside from that the same button is also used to sprint with your character when you are not focussing an enemy.

Ultimate abilities

When you’ve unlocked the Dojo, and have gotten it too rank 5, you will be able to choose between 2 ultimate attacks.

The first ultimate ability allows you too inherit the Spirit of Tsukuyomi.
For a small amount of time your attack speed will be significantly increased.
This ability goes on cooldown after usage.

The second ultimate ability summons Ryujin the fire dragon.
Ryujin flies up from the player’s position and after a couple seconds comes crashing down on the floor hitting all nearby enemies and setting them ablaze for a couple of seconds.
This ability goes on cooldown after usage.

And that about wraps it up.

Now each of these abilities can be further modified by talents, which you are able to unlock from the Dojo, but I’ll talk more about that in the next article.


Argeomer - - 5,582 comments

Good, awesome! keep doing it! loving it :)

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