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In September we released the demo on Steam, we added two new production machines and localized Roboplant in 11 languages.

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Hello everyone!

We hope you had a nice October. We spent our days working on the demo of Roboplant to get it ready in time for the Steam Next Fest and working on some nice new cool features for the early access release coming up on the 10th of November (Yeah!!).

Here is a nice sneak peek of the work done:

New production machines

We introduced two new production machines, the first is an alternative to the available seeder and the second one an advanced version of the packager.

roboplant 0 5 0 vertical seeder

The new vertical seeder, as the name suggests, develops vertically with three growing areas, taking less space and allowing to build several next to each other. It won’t yield the same amount of seedlings but it can be pretty handy when working in small areas.

roboplant 0 5 0 advanced package

The advance packager on the other hand provides an improvement over the starting packager and for that reason will need to be researched. It requires less manual work and therefore can do double the amount of the first packager at the same time. A pretty useful machine once to optimize your production and increase the yield per hour.

The demo is out

We release the demo on Steam so that everybody can have a try and see if Roboplant is something liked, the last thing we want is someone who buys the game and doesn’t like it.

The demo gives the chance to experience the challenge mode where you are faced with a task that needs to be completed in a limited time. You won’t be able to play the story mode with the quests, nor unlock all the research in the tech three, for that, you’ll have to wait until the full game :D.

In the demo you’ll find a feedback form, that will allow you to send some feedback about the game and bugs if you encounter any. You’ll be able to see what you submitted and what others have sent in the forum available at forum.rebelpug.com (there is a bit of a delay from the time you submit to when is published since we have to do it manually). Please let us know what you think about Roboplant and help us to make it better!

Translated the game into multiple languages (Love the japanese writing)

We wanted to make the game accessible to everybody so we localized it in 11 different languages, we know we won’t be able to cover every language but that would have been too difficult to achieve. Hopefully, the translation is done properly and everything is clear, even though we are still working out some UI issues related to the length of the text for each language. Who knew that writing the same thing in different languages could change soo much in the space occupied?

roboplant 0 4 24 japanese locali

Linux and macOS Support

Our goal is to make the game playable both on Linux (and SteamDeck) and on macOS, for the demo we didn’t make it in the time since it requires some extra work to make it playable in those OS but we do plan to cover those OS as soon as possible (in less than 6 months, but hopefully much sooner).

Events coming up

As you may read from other articles we published we will be in the Steam Next Fest from tomorrow, with two live streams planned on the 3rd and the 7th at 1 pm PST, come and join us for a chat while we play Roboplant.

SteamNextFest Live stream Oct03

What is next?

And that's it for now! For October we plan to work on adding another production machine, some nice new structures where your workers can chill, and completing the first step in the story mode.

If you’d like more details or just want to chat with us, please join us on Discord or subscribe to the newsletter.

Here you can see more about us: linktr.ee/roboplant

Thank you very much for your time and see you again in a month or so!

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