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In October we added a new production machine, three new ways for your workers to relax and much more!

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Hello everyone!

We are getting so close to the Early Access release and the team is frantically adding the latest features and fixing bugs. Just to give you a hint, in October we fixed 114 bugs 🤣

We’ll talk more about Early Access and the roadmap on the day of the release. For now, let’s talk about what happened in the last month. But of course, if you have questions or suggestions or just want to chat you can join us on any social, link at the bottom of the article.

So, let’s start!

New advanced production machine

Now you’ll be able to research and unlock the Horizontal Drip System, a more advanced machine compared to the Wick System. It will be pretty handy to grow more efficiently small plants. And also, it looks pretty cool when you are growing some tasty strawberries.

A bit of technicality: it uses pumps to drip regularly the nutrient solution directly onto the roots of your plants.

More ways for your workers to relax

When your workers are not busy they’ll go and take a moment for themselves to recharge, repair, and relax. The standard machines Roboplant Industries are a bit inefficient in helping the workers do such things. That is why you can unlock more powerful tools for them to use.

Who doesn’t want to play some BebBop against an AI with a very strong mechanical arm?

Save the Earth mission

In Roboplant you have two ways to play the game: doing challenges or the story mode (which could also be considered the sandbox mode!). Challenges will give you a specific goal in a limited amount of time forcing you to make hard choices, so stressful! Story mode instead will allow you to fulfill your mission to save the Earth without any time limit, allowing you to play for as much as you want. This mode will also evolve over the coming months with more things to do (but I’ll stop here, no spoilers!!!).

Lesson learned from Steam Fest Demo

During the Steam Fest in October, we got really lucky to have some amazing feedback from you. That helped us work on improving Roboplant and will help us for a long time since the list of suggestions is huge!!!!

One of the biggest things that were not working was some of the panels, they were not clear. Please let us know if the new ones are more clear!

Steam Achievements, can you beat them all?

34 achievements, can you get them all? Some are cruel and won’t be that easy to beat! Also, we will constantly add more while we implement new features so be ready to be challenged again.

What is next?

I’ll see you again in 10 days, I told you, no spoilers 😁

If you’d like more details or just want to chat with us, please join us on Discord or subscribe to the newsletter.

Here you can see more about us: linktr.ee/roboplant

Thank you very much for your time and see you soon!

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