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Post news RSS Roboplant - April Recap - Research, new machines and more and plants

In April we introduced many new features in Roboplant, from new farming equipments to new vegetables and fruits for you to grow

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Hello everyone,

It has been a while since our last update and we have many things to share with you.

Before as a player you would be starting on Mars and you could build your farming factory there, now you can pick a planet from the whole galaxy. Each planet will have a unique visual look, it will bring different environmental conditions and will make you face unique challenges.

Introducing research

We finally added the research room where you can place three different types of research tables and start improving your factory. You'll be able to unlock new buildings, production machines, and unique plants.

A new tool in your belt

We introduced the deep-water farming producer, a huge machine that will help you mass produce your plants. You'll need to discover it first but then it will provide you with a constant flow of vegetables and fruits for you to package and sell.

Something new to eat

The names are still not defined but the codenames are “alien radish” and “alien tomato”. Yes, we need to work on our fantasy skills, do you have any name suggestions? You can imagine that the names resemble their behavior. The first will be quicker to produce but you won't make huge profits, not everybody likes it, the second will sell for much more but it will take more time so you need to plan your financials properly.

If you fancy knowning more details or just want to have a chat with us please join us on Discord. Here you can see more about us: linktr.ee/roboplant

See you soon!

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