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Rise of Titans it's an online PC card game with an interactive 3D board. We've planned to launch a closed beta on the second semester of this year. For more information, continue scrolling down and don't forget to follow our updates and give us your feedback.

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Card game with 3D interactive board

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The titans have always untied the chaos! All our ancestors have suffered and fought their attacks.

Now they have found a new way of counter-attacking.

In the forest of Zorocu there's an old settlement, the place that formerly served the ancestors to carry out their rituals.

The old and faded out inscriptions of Vugi, which have always served to contain and control the anger of the titans, have come to life again. It's an atrocious energy where the time diminishes its importance and attracts the ancestors to enter in a world where they will find the weapons to free a battle never seen before.

Titans, ancestors, civilizations, magical beings ... all of them will fight to find eternal rest.

Zorocu had never seen anything equal!

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The Sun has always been an element of life; nevertheless, it had never had such leading role. The arid sand of the desert of Saïd serves as antechamber to the spirituality of Isis. Its hordes of monsters furrow the dunes, appear from the noise of the burning ground and start the reconquest of the lost civilization.

Egypt will never lose the golden reflection!

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The ancient Greece, place of worship and knowledge, awaits Athena. She leads the resistance of the Greek troops in an effort of control and strategy. To be able to thread your way through the enemies who lurk in the shadows of the river Vardar, consolation of souls, you will need the Citadel's skills and the shelter of its temples to rise with the scepter of the victory.

Greece has always been and will be a bastion of resistance!

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Cold and fire are experienced every night in the north. The brutality and stealth of Ullr makes them unstoppable. A nation born to fight in the most recondite places. Dragons, beasts and the fervor of the Valhala resound at every moment, the power of revenge and the blood has no limits.

Northerners they call themselves and the icy cold doesn't cloud the mind of these warriors!

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The battlefield sparks in three backgrounds. Every background reflects the field of the faction:

the Egyptian with its arid desert, the Nordic with its frozen forest and the Greek with its green prairies.

In the battle two backgrounds are connected, divided by a river.

This settles the limits between the two connected backgrounds and also helps to create crossing points with its bridges.

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Neutral field

The background is divided by hexagons, which are the squares that will be used to invoke, move and attack every unit.

These hexagons also allow marking out the areas of the backgrounds that will provide more interaction with the attributes of the cards. Playing with the largeness, the bottle neck and the bonus points makes every background unique and achieves the characteristic interactive strategy of the game.

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The game consists of a total of 120 cards in its first expansion. Of these we find 12 cards for each faction (Greek, Nordic and Egyptian) and the resting 84 are neutral cards. For the battles you will be able to use personalized packs with a total of 30 cards.

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The cards that you will find in this first expansion will be cards of unit (beasts, birds, zombies, humans, etc.).

These will be in charge of putting up the battle and they have the option to improve their attributes; either by means of interacting with the background or by using charms and/or artifacts.

The charm will have a temporality of one turn, so its effect is temporary. On the other hand, with the artifact we will have the opportunity to improve our units with permanent effect.

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Finally, you will find exclusive cards. They are known as myth cards, which are very special and will allude to supernatural powers, legends or sacred objects obtained throughout the years by the factions.

Use it with respect and strategy since its effects are very powerful!

Enter the altar and create your own pack, every faction has its own theme!

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Common, rare, epic, legendary, mythical! The runes of Vugi have the ability to keep in them all the power of every monster, creature, unit, dark magic, ancestral power, etc. and to turn it into a card.

All this power remains kept in the sacred vessels. Depending on the intensity of the power, the concentration of energy makes the vessel reveal itself in a specific color.

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Greek rarity

The green color will be the power of the common card, less trained and concentrated. The energy of the rare card will reside in the blue one, the color of the sky. The huge power of the epic card will reside in the purple color.

The energy that attracts all power, the power of the Sun, will reside in the legendary ones and its divine power.

And beyond all, the credence, the mystical energy, the events that every army is afraid of:

the anger of the mythical card and its intense red! Get all the power and nobody will be able to escape from you!

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Already in the roar of the battle you will discover that every invocation of unit turns into a marker.

Inside the marker you will visually be able to find all the attributes: the speed of movement, the attack, defense and skills.

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Fly, provoke, rank, damage two times, frenzy and so on till reaching more than 20 different skills split into four levels of packs!

Every skill will remain represented inside the marker with its emblem; some of them, like provoking, will be able to change the visual aspect of the marker. Others will lead to permanent and incredible visual effects and alowing you to see faster the changes made to the faction.

Lead your units towards the victory; effects, emblems and attributes will be your allied forces!

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The battles are carried out by turns with limited time. In order to win the battle you will have to give death to the hostile hero (Careful! In occasions friendly fire attach exists).

The decisiveness of every attack is solved out by the response that each card gives to the attack and defense (attack and counter-attack). The background bonuses are only active if the player is in the suitable background.

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Each card includes on the top part its cost of adoration, attack, defense and movement. The number in the movement part indicates the maximum number of hexagons that the unit manages to move itself on the background

(Careful! There are adverse backgrounds that will diminish your capacity of movement).

Adoration as mantra of invocation, attack, counterattack, defense, movement and the mission to destroy the opponent hero is required to survive in Zorocu; skill and strategy in its pure state!

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Zono Firefox 11 Lucas Morkar

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Music and composition --> BMP (music band of Prat de Llobregat), Guillem, Marc Timón, Garo

Dubbing --> Mireia Maymí, Pau Perez, Salvador Blajé;, Anna Ferrer, Surayia Vives

Administration --> Customaker, Rox

Sistems and networks --> Hydria

Video, VFX and composition --> Lolothan Javier Saura, Sergi


Artist work looks awesome. I really want to see the game mechanic.

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Game looks awesome by description, would really like to try, can't wait for the beta

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