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New update this month with the addition of the most important area for the rest of the game!

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Hello everyone !

New update this month with the addition of the most important area for the rest of the game!
The Temple of Pluto is the HUB of the game and will allow you to travel through the different levels. New options are also available to improve the game experience. Important changes have been made to the vegetation with the usual bug fixes.

Also this update is the last related to the previous version (0.3) of the game. All future updates will be new!

Important Information:
The global options are restored following the addition of new functionalities in the menu options. But your backups are kept.



Here are all the news, changes and bug fixes:

- New area to explore with the imposing temple of Pluto.

Character :
- Total environmental persistence! If you open a door, light a brazier or interact with a piece of scenery, it is now automatically recorded. On your next load, the environment will be restored as you left it.

- Total redesign of the low vegetation of grass and hedges in order to obtain a more detailed and realistic rendering.
- Significant increase in vegetation density for denser and wilder forests.
- Improved lighting with an exposure system.
- Improved environment ambient color for particles.
- Fixed the tree trunk shader to obtain a more realistic rendering with large barks at the base and finer ones in the branches. Also added parallax mapping to give a more pronounced depth and relief to the final rendering.
- Added parallax mapping for the most important shaders such as bricks, cliffs or temple stones for a more realistic rendering.

Game engine / performance:
- Major optimization of the braziers that you can light in the environment. Their performance hit is now very low.
- Removed some brightness options in the tutorial level to match the new exposure system.
- Optimized vegetation for more detailed rendering for equivalent performance.

- You can now modify the maximum FPS of the game. By default this option is set to 60 FPS maximum. You can change this option from 30 to 180 FPS maximum.
- Automatic game translation is now available for users of the Steam version of the game only. At launch, if your language is recognized by the game, it automatically selects your language configured in Steam to translate the game. If your language is not recognized, English will be used by default.

- Fixed issue with Steam overlay not allowing the game to properly load the UI and showing a white screen.
- The FOV values ​​in the gameplay menu are correctly loaded and displayed.
- Gameplay options are automatically reset when you start a new game on an old one.

See you next month for the 0.4.04 update!
We will get to the heart of the game's history!

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