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Explore a steep archipelago with ancient Roman remains covered with vegetation, lost for centuries between white cliffs. Immerse yourself in these magnificent semi-open environments and solve puzzles to understand the reasons for your coming to these forgotten lands.

Walk, run, jump, swim, climb or ride a horse, use your torch in dark environments or use a rope to climb higher. Your freedom to move is complete!

Adventure game, puzzles and platforms in the first person, explore fabulous and vertical landscapes. Use your environment to progress and solve puzzles based on the technological level of the Romans era. Learn to move between these rugged cliffs and monumental Roman buildings.

Inspired by the Calanques in France, the game environment is intended to be as faithful as possible to these magnificent landscapes, close to the city of Marseille.

Intense research and great care have been taken in the realization of the Roman constructions in order to best correspond to the reconstruction of these imposing buildings.

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Title 3

Hello everybody !

Update 0.4.11 of the month is now available!
This new version greatly changes the gameplay with the addition of physical ropes! It also improves performance and fixes many bugs.

Important information:

The currently available demo is also updated with this version. It goes from version 0.4.07 to the current version 0.4.11. The demo duration does not change, but it now includes all gameplay, graphics and performance improvements made since January 2023.

Summary of the update:

Major gameplay improvement with the addition of physics ropes, a smoother transition when the player grabs onto a ledge, and a significant change to player collision friction has been made (Player is less stopped by collision surroundings).
Improved rendering of water and caustic effects, but also the performance with a new system at game launch that allows you to modify the basic graphics quality in relation to the general performance of your computer. Finally, like every update, many bugs have been fixed.

vieuw1 3

Update note:

Engine :
- Updated Unity from 2020.3.45f1 to Unity 2020.3.47f1.

- Updated game demo, from version 0.4.07 to current version 0.4.11.

Performance :
- The resolution of the textures is no longer modified following a change in the quality of the graphics. The performance gains were too low and bugs could appear following this change in texture resolutions.
- The game now takes into account the performance of your computer on first launch. Default graphics quality is now adjusted to your configuration and may well be changed at any time if these settings are not to your liking.
- The torches thrown on the ground by the player are automatically deleted at a certain distance from the player in order to optimize the game performance.

- Improved ambient colors of environments and vegetation, they are a little more bluish now.
- Improved material shader of buildings near water. The effect of materials wet with water is more realistic.
- Adjustment of the color of the water of the lakes with colors closer to those of the Calanques and addition of new effects especially on the shores.
- Improved caustic effects in water and out of water.
- Increased number of polygons for ropes thrown by the player to get correct curves with new physical ropes system.
- Water now generates waves at the edge of the shores.

Player :
- Added a smooth transition when the player grabs a ledge. He is no longer teleported to that ledge magically.
- The animations when the player climbs or descends a rope stops when the player reaches the limits of the rope.
- Player's swinging animation gets replaced faster when jumping off a rope.
- Ropes are now physical. They interact with environment, player and gravity collisions.
- Modification for the friction of the collisions so that the player is less blocked by this one. So it is now easier to move around in very tight environments or with a lot of ground collisions.

Important bug:
- In the level of the temple of Pluto, the imposing doors of the levels have a constant collision. Their collision could disappear, and the player would pass through them.
- Fixed a rotation bug when the player mounts or dismounts. It is now always done in the right direction and should no longer perform too fast and hazardous rotations.
- An error could appear when changing the quality of the graphics and potentially crash the game for insufficient memory dedicated to cookies.
- Arrows and ropes are now correctly removed beyond 12 so as not to impact game performance.
- Fixed removing ropes and arrows close to a new arrow and rope shot by the player to avoid too many ropes in a restricted area.
- The torch thrown on the ground by the player could interact with levers and area changes. She no longer interacts with these activators now.
- The torches thrown by the player when he grabs a ledge with the action key are now sent further to avoid it falling down.

See you next month for the 0.4.12 update!

vieuw2 3

header image 3

Reliefs The time of The Lemures 0.4.10 released!

Reliefs The time of The Lemures 0.4.10 released!


Tellus level is now available! This is currently the largest area in the game to explore, with puzzles based on the seasons!

Reliefs The time of The Lemures 0.4.09 released!

Reliefs The time of The Lemures 0.4.09 released!


The March Update is now available! This month, significant change in game rendering, addition of new Steam and non-Steam achievements, horse improvement...

Reliefs The time of The Lemures 0.4.08 released!

Reliefs The time of The Lemures 0.4.08 released!


The doors of the world of Neptune open these doors to you!

Reliefs The time of The Lemures 0.4.07 released!

Reliefs The time of The Lemures 0.4.07 released!


New month and therefore a new update for the game!


This looks promising

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