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Project Cybertronic is still alive and evolving. Read more about the release on Steam and the current state of development.

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Dear Gamer and Developer,
It took a long time to report something new about Project Cybertronic. That's just how indie developers are lacking in almost everything, and time you only get while you're still healthy and alive. 4 years of development time is not enough for such a big no-budget indie game, and when you look back, ask yourself what you're doing there. But there are more and more people who would like to play Cybertronic, then they should be able to support it. That's why Project Cybertronic is now available on Steam as early access.

Project Cybertronic on Steam

The release on Steam:
Steam is the biggest gaming platform on the PC and we were honored to learn that we got the green light from Valve after the closure of Steam Greenlight. We were able to release Project Cybertronic without any additional fees directly on Steam. I can not say if it was the many formalities or the 6 month forced project break that prevented us from taking any further steps. It was probably both. Anyway, we needed more reach and released it on July 4th. And it was a good thing, we had so many players we could never reach before. We released it with for $ 13.37 (who wonders why for this price is not an elite gamer and should google after 1337 ;). Now, after a month of release, we have nearly 98 who have made it into their wish list, and a handful of buyers for whom we are very grateful. We have done now a discount recently from 5 August for a week.

We are working on the next update:
In terms of symbolism, we go up a steep hill. We are working on a future-oriented new basis for the game. Character design and mechanics will be completely redesigned and the network function more stabilized and simplified. 2 programmers will use their free time to take Project Cybertronic to a higher level. A short insight shows this video:

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