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An update as to why I'm making Alas Mortis, and some details about Faceless to hopefully uncover why my comments are being downvoted.

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I've noticed people have been down-voting my comments on this page and I've figured it has to do something regarding Faceless, and some of you are probably confused as to why I'm starting a new project. I left the Faceless development team, mainly due to my lack of interest with Slenderman, and the issues involving the Greenlight process involving me to slowly drift away from the project and thus causing Adam to take over, and he's doing a much better job than I. Faceless is still being made, and I'm just no longer attached to the project. Adam and I still remain in contact, and keep each other updated about Faceless and things regarding the development of the game. My leaving of the team, and Adam taking over was a mutual agreement between the two of us, and it was the best thing for Faceless.

I just felt I needed to start my own project, and create my own monster and horror game which is what I'm trying here with Alas Mortis. For people who have donated to Faceless, the money is still around but it's in the process of being transferred over to the new development team so they continue developing Faceless and bring this wonderful, terrifying game to fruition. I'm like most of you now who want to see this game succeed, release, and I for one cannot wait to play this with everyone. So, hopefully this is clearing up some confusion, and hopefully leads to solving the reason why my comments keep getting down-voted on the Alas Mortis page.

Either way, if you want to track Faceless and see what it's all about you can do so here - [Click Here]

This is my own project, and has no ties or affiliations to Faceless, or what I was doing on that project. As I mentioned above Faceless is being developed by a completely different team now, and I no longer have any affiliation with said team. And, the donation funds from Faceless are currently in the process of being handed over to the new development team, so they can continue development and finish the game.

I've made mistakes during my time as lead of Faceless, and I can guarantee I won't make those same development mistakes with Alas Mortis. I won't set a release date until I know the game will in a playable state.

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