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New updates on particle effects such as rain and snow, decals to allow for accumulation of snow and make things look wet, and anti-aliasing/tweaks for the lines.

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It's been awhile since the last update, but we've been hard at work adding several new features to the game. We recently accepted Feengur (Chad) to the team as a particle effects programmer, and already he has integrated good looking rain and snow effects into the engine.

Some Images of Rain and Snow

Additionally, I implemented screen space decals, which allow dynamically adding and changing effects, such as snow accumulation and the illusion of objects getting wet. These decals have normal and specular attenuation factors, which make sure that snow doesn't accumulate on vertical surfaces, and rain doesn't make specular (shiny / metal) objects look wet.

Also, for those of you who haven't seen the recent images added to our gallery, I posted some small updates to mountain textures and lines. The first change to add a procedural texture index map to the mountains, which chooses from and blends between multiple tileable mountain textures. While we wait for tileable textures to be finished, the mountain has plain green, brown, light gray, dark gray and white color textures applied based on this texture map, representing grass, dirt, rock1, rock2 and snow textures respectively.

Anti-aliasing and some tweaks were also added to the lines. The lines are now soft-lines, meaning that the closer to geometry they are, the lighter they become (unless they were marked as lines). This causes the lines to blend into the geometry, rather than cause clipping artifacts; overall, anti-aliasing helps clean things up, and gives another artistic touch to the game. Below are before and after anti-aliasing screenshots. Anti-aliasing is only added to lines, but since there are lines on all edges, it helps anti-alias the entire scene.

That's all for this update. However, in our next post, we’ll reveal some of the details of what to expect in the single player campaigns, specifically with a glimpse into their main characters. For now, we’ll just let you look at some preliminary art:

Look forward to future updates!

Lead Programmer and Designer of Aero Empire
- David

ZiroBurno - - 107 comments

Nice job! keep it up. The Snow and Rain seem well done.

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DaveTheFreak - - 994 comments

Nice news item, just keep it up like that and we'll have an amazing game!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
vfn4i83 - - 692 comments

Really great work

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
SinKing - - 3,119 comments

Nice shadowplay! What would really be rad in any game is if the snow would actually pile up slowly and eventually become slippery ice.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
terra0nova Author
terra0nova - - 178 comments

The snow does accumulate right now as a decal texture (the whiteness on the building and mountaintop). There's not a lot of ground movement in this game, so I don't know how useful having slippery ice would be, but it could be interesting. When you mean pile up, do you mean have actual 3D structure to it instead of just a texture?

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Mularac - - 2,910 comments

you know, that could be something really interesting for the game... and yeah, it's quite unseen...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
awesomepossum - - 997 comments

Nice snow effect, I also like how the terrain gets a nice cell shaded effect at the steep angles. Excellent work!

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alvarojmarquez - - 84 comments

This game looks beautiful

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