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The ultimate rage killer game is finally out. Please check it out.

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I've just finished my very first UE4 game called Raging:The Game. It is third person game made for Windows, what is about making all the pain you feel inside go away in minutes.

Are you angry because you can't archieve something you really wanted in your life, or your girlfriend just dumped you? then this is the game for you!

I have worked so hard on this project, because i did this all alone by myself. Well, i have to say it was quite a hard job, but i have managged to make something out of it.
You know i am only 16 years old if it counts something, but i dream of being a succesfull game developer, and this game is my first step towards my goals.

Rolandsimigla.itch.io - This is the itch.io page of the game, you can check it out there if you want, i would be very pleased.


Nikslg - - 59 comments

You know, I would not say that this is a bad game.
Some would say that this is a game that encourage you to go on massacre.
But you know what? At least you are honest with yourself and not trying to make it in real life.

There are lots of games who have same idea.
Like "Kill your Boss" games.

Some people play GTA, Hitman, Mortal Kombat, Tsundere Simulator, Counter-Strike and etc to get their mood back by KILLING OTHERS.
So what's the difference? There is no difference.

I feel like you have a lot of potential, you could work on animations or add some extra physics to attacks. After all it's just a game.

Last thing, If people will start say "this game made me a murderer" or something like that. Just look around, it's not a first case. GTA(once again) was once accused of same thing. Hell, even child cartoons sometimes have that story (Tom&Jerry; cartoon for example).

So, embrace your dreams. And maybe later you will make another game with different concept.

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baszermaszer - - 446 comments

Regards your game:
Jesus, you need help man. Go to a therapist ASAP.

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