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Raging:The Game is a small game about making your pain and everything bad you feel inside go away in minutes and feel much better. Features: 1 (will be more) village to take down in a gamemode called Ruin The Town! 3 button smasher minigame called Rage Out just to make you feel better. 2 Slaughter minigame what is about murdering the people who are coming towards you to take you down. Currently 9 archievements, will be lot more later on. About Me I am a 16 years old wanna be developer, and i am spending most of my time in front of my computer, trying to reach my dream goals of being a succesfull game developer. I made this game all alone by myself in 2 months, it was quite difficult, but i managged to get something out of it. I know this is by far not the best game out there on itch, or anything but this is my very first game that i've made and i would like to share it with you guys.

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Raging: The game

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I've just finished my very first UE4 game called Raging:The Game. It is third person game made for Windows, what is about making all the pain you feel inside go away in minutes.

Are you angry because you can't archieve something you really wanted in your life, or your girlfriend just dumped you? then this is the game for you!

I have worked so hard on this project, because i did this all alone by myself. Well, i have to say it was quite a hard job, but i have managged to make something out of it.
You know i am only 16 years old if it counts something, but i dream of being a succesfull game developer, and this game is my first step towards my goals.

Rolandsimigla.itch.io - This is the itch.io page of the game, you can check it out there if you want, i would be very pleased.


alromaithi - - 1 comments

The game look promising, almost feature Naughty Bear (Xbox360) game style, i am sure this going to be hard but expecting a good game non the less, keep it up, and looking forward to it. (^_^)b

Note: adding elements like Yandere Simulator will be great (^_^)/

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KingKetsa - - 424 comments

Good luck with becoming a developer, it's only going to get harder especially when you get a job.

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