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Development process of one of our character models.

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Heyho - my name is Maria and I am amongst other tasks responsible for our characters. One of our two main characters is a weird little “speaking” white rabbit. From time to time I work on him and try to improve some parts.
Lately I added some fur, but nearly desperated of creating some good looking AND low poly fur.

These pictures show the different stages of my work: first sketches and the search
for references, later modeling in 3ds Max, texturing and animation. But this time it was
my first try on creating fur!

Here is a 3D view from the character- I adjusted the fur material a bit for the 3D viewer (in unreal it appeared sooo much fluffier!)


The model looks great - like a young and active rabbit. Maybe you could have made him a little bit fatter/rounder on the rear, though.

I noticed the seams between the normal map shells and even though they are probably not visible in 90% of the shots of the rabbit you could simply try the program Handplane to get rid of those for good. Nice work on this model and the animation.

One thing I'd like to suggest is adding bones and animation to the ears, since some animals communicate their state of alertness and curiosity through the position of their ears.

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Saw this on the front page; instant Track, even if I'm not terribly active on this site anymore. The texture is looking great thus far.

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