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Patch notes of the current Public Beta Demo update.

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Greetings hikers and travelers,

a new update for the Public Beta Demo is here. Hope you will enjoy it.
As always send us your feedback regarding it, so it can be improved. Thanks in advance.

Here below the patch notes of this release.

Public Beta Demo 0.1

- Small world edits. Some parts of the demo are less difficult;
- Minor scripts and world collisions improvements;
- Horgr altars scripts improved and edited.
Now, when you pray to a new Horgr, it will be counted in the statistics;
- Animations and takes improved and edited.
Hands less distant, jump reworked (strange on pillars);
- Wallrun lag error solved;
- Jump sounds happen only sometimes now;
- Build file size reduced by approximately 6GB;
- Main theme audio quality improved;
- Less head bobbing movement;
- Footsteps sytem v.0 implemented, thanks to Nikolai;
- Companies intro video changed;
- New loading screen phrase added;

Regards, the Utgardr team...

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