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Post news RSS "ProtoHunter" Update 1.3 (22APR20)

New update for "ProtoHunter"! Improved animations, UVs, and more. We are continually making sure the game improves, not just visually, but also in its functionality.

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New Update. Who Dis?

Staying at home doesn't stop "ProtoHunter" as it continues to evolve. The experience will continue to be enhanced to make it more fun to play. Not just as a game, but as an experience as a whole. This includes updates to UI, the environment, and animations. We hope you enjoy playing "ProtoHunter" and remember to wash your hands.

Get the new updated version of "ProtoHunter" on itch.io for PC here:



  1. Updated materials and UVs on specific meshes. (the bricks in the Tunnels look more brick than they did before.)*
  2. The Simulator is now twice as big and now includes a new arena on the map.
  3. Lights in the tunnels look better now. (*Drake voice* "I just flipped the switch...")
  4. Tunnels have new branches with items.
  5. "Door Prices" have changed in some areas 🤑


  1. Updated "Dread" animations. They’ll claw at you and run like the monsters they are.


  1. Now players have the correct player icon in the corner of their screen.

*This was actually addressed by someone on Reddit. So thanks to "Beef__Master" for sharing the feedback.

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What is coming soon?

Future updates will include maps, enemies, and more to be announced. Thank you all for playing! It means the world to us. Remember that you can play "ProtoHunter" and stream on Twitch!

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