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After working through months of development as a one-person developer, Torchlight Interactive’s new game, Protocol Dystopia, has now been added to Steam Greenlight.

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Torchlight Interactive’s new game, Protocol Dystopia is on Greenlight! I’m excited to show all of you the latest game and its features. As a one-man developer with no publisher, the game took a lot of work to create to this point, but it has been worth it.

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Protocol Dystopia is a game that features intricate puzzles within labyrinths that can only be solved through precise platforming and projectile shooting. Make your way through various obstacles and such as lasers and timed platforms to reach the goal in record time.

Screenshot 29Screenshot 16

The game features interactive environments within a sci-fi setting and ambience. From concrete walls to industrial pillars to mossy terrains, experience the visually-stunning labyrinths first-hand.

Screenshot 23Screenshot 14

I’d greatly appreciate your help in voting for this game.

More updates about the game are to come soon, so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!

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