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Post news RSS Prometheus Wept Dev Log Sep - Oct 22: New weapon, perks, shopkeeper and crafting system upgrade

This video covers the development of turn based RPG, Prometheus Wept, for September - October 2022. This includes the addition of 8 weapons, 15 perks, many crafting recipes, shopkeepers, and improvements to the crafting system.

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Hi again-

The focus for the most recent update has been on content, wrapping up the crafting system and adding shopkeepers. Feel free to check out the video / text info on the update, and do let me know if you have any feedback or comments.

Content: Weapons, Crafting Recipes & Perks

Eight weapons, around 30 crafting recipes and 15 perks have been added to the game, which more or less completes the content required for the updated demo.

My last game, Vigilantes had weapon tiers, and each new tier largely rendered the previous tier obsolete, or at least sub-optimal. This resulted in there being a handful of optimal weapon choices at any time. For Prometheus Wept, I'm aiming to make nearly all weapons viable for the entire game, and for weapons to have unique traits to differentiate them from one another.

Cleaver Stats
The cleaver provides greater bleeding damage, and additional damage against animals.

Baseball Bat StatsBaseball bats do high damage, and additional damage when targetting an enemy's head.

A scattering of perks have been added to the game, and the perk UI has been updated. Where possible, I've made perks more deterministic, so for example, rather than a 20% chance of a free attack, every 6th attack costs no action points.

Perk Screen

Systems: Shopkeepers & Crafting

If you played Vigilantes, you may remember that there's a single, off-map shopkeeper in the game. Prometheus Wept requires multiple on-map shopkeepers, so I've added code to support this, to start the trade interaction, along with saving, loading and managing shopkeeper inventories. In Vigilantes, there were separate buy and sell screens for the shop and merged the old buy/sell interface into a single screen.


I've also worked on crafting system, improving the display of information and adding the ability to upgrade weapons and armour, after they have been crafted. Some layout and visual adjustments aside, this wraps up one of the more complex systems in the game.

The main parts of work to be completed for an updated demo are balancing and testing, which I'll start working on next. I'll keep you posted on progress, and if you have any questions or feedback, let me know!

All the best,


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