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The fourth progress update for Shadows.

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Hey everyone! As you guys saw, I finally got the environment in. So I decided to release a video of the town itself. I've been working on the game a lot lately in my free time. I think it's coming along pretty well actually and I cannot wait until I'm done with it! :D I've been working on the PC version as well. The video below is the PSM version. The PSM version will be out way before the PC version as I would like to add some graphical extras in the PC version lol. So it will take a while. I am surprised that I've gotten this far with PSM. Even though there are limits, they are not too bad right now. It's all about how you choose to use the memory. The town's textures currently use ~4MB. The town's mesh data takes up ~12MB with an extra 7MB being used for the town's static mesh and physics objects which is not the bad right now. Anyways, I forgot to show this in the video, but you may notice that the camera is now working correctly. It used to roll over and do something weird when I turned left or right (look in previous progress update videos and you will see what I am talking about). It is now quaternion based. I can now look in all the directions with no problems.

My engine is coming along good too so far. As you saw at the end of the video, I am currently trying to implement a deferred renderer. If I am able to implement this, you will probably see it in the next project update, otherwise, I'll be going with forward rendering and lightmaps. If I do succeed, I will include a switch in the options dialog that allows you to use forward rendering, instead of deferred rendering to increase the performance on low-end devices. Anyways, in the profile dialog, you'll see that I have an option to sign in using a PlayStation Network ID. This feature is not fully implemented yet, but you can sign in and it will create a profile based on your username. Plus, your score will be uploaded to the leaderboards each time you complete a mission. I've been thinking how about the player would receive points during missions. Points can be used to purchase upgrades, new abilities, and more. I've been thinking about many different ways to do this. During missions, the player may encounter villagers or people that need your help to complete different tasks? During missions, the player can receive points for kills/knockouts and exploring the environment, maybe even finding some sort of collectible? I'm not even sure yet. I've been thinking about this a lot. I know that I will allow the player to receive points for kills/knockouts even with a bonus for not being seen. Maybe around the environment, there will be secret areas where the player will find a very valuable item that the player can sell at the market. I will figure it out. Besides, I still got ways to go before I get to that point anyway. Anyways, I am really looking forward to hearing/reading your thoughts on the game so far. Please comment below what you think! Any feedback helps a lot. Thanks for reading and watching the video!

This town was modeled by Stan Omelka:
Check out his work!


This is Turning out to be a Great Engine!

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KamRandle Author

Thanks Skullboy99! I really appreciate it! :)

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